Hello guys!
Today I bring you a very serious matter. I don't know if you remember that not long ago I posted here some discount codes for some clothing stores. After some reflection, I realized that:
1º: I was advertising something that never experienced;
2º: It is really far the day I would take profit of this.
So starting today, I will not share with you stores that I still haven't tried their products. I'll leave the same discount codes on my Facebook album if you need.
As for Solution-lens, now that finally I experienced their products, I will continue to do reviews for their lenses. As I said recently in a post on Titania Cosplay page, I don't think that their conduct is correct. And despite all the hardships I've gone through with the store, I will continue to show you their products, not because of their customer service quality, but because of shipping service and products quality.
Oh, don't forget that I have a 10% discount code at Uniqso. Use the code "Fubuki", put the code at the end of your purchase. And yes, this discount code was made with the store long after I have bought many pairs of lenses there.
Well, that's all!

P.S .: On Saturday there will be a makeup tutorial :3

~ Fubuki

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